Caffeine Fix

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
      At Robert Charles Interiors we believe that your kitchen should reflect your needs and lifestyle. If you can’t function in the morning without your caffeine boost perhaps you should think about installing a coffee machine. Having the perfect coffee available at your fingertips is just the little touch of luxury that you need to complete your kitchen. Whether you enjoy an early morning espresso to help prepare you for a busy day ahead or you prefer an after dinner cappuccino to unwind with. You will be able to create a delicious coffee in a matter of minutes. Neff coffee machines have a memory function which allows you to save your (and your friends’) favourite drinks.  You will be able to make personalised coffees day after day with ease.

Complete with cup size, coffee strength and temperature options, it has never been easier to create your perfect coffee in the comfort of your own home.